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 leon anthony finnegan

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PostSubject: Re: leon anthony finnegan   Fri 15 Jul - 14:42

« so, leo, this is yûko. yûko, leo. leo, yûko. »
i've heard of that girl. she's isaac's step-sister, he told me she was cute and all but
is it possible to be THAT CUTE? man what the fuck isaac doesn't deserve such a cutie i mean DEAR FUCK
« yo, nice to meetcha, you can call me leo or pretty boy, if ya want. »
fuck she laughed
she laughed
her laugh is like a sweet melody that you can listen to endlessly
is she free
is she free or what
then i saw isaac's gaze
i stopped fuckin around because man you don't wanna be looked the way he's doing right now
when she left, isaac hit me on the torso, faking anger
« you twat, don't look at her like that, you don't wanna mess with her boy, believe me
plus you're mine so stop acting like a douche and kiss me »
fuck i love this fucker


it's a filthy goddamn world we live in.

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leon anthony finnegan
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